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Airplane Seat Extender for Child and Baby

Airplane Seat Extender for Child and Baby

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Make flying with a child the most stress free, comfortable and easy experience

Flying with your child can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting. The Airplane Seat Extender is here to enhance comfort and convenience to your destination. 

Leg rest and bed  

Give your child an upgrade at no extra cost. Our product acts a seat extension, comfortable sleeping space, or designated eating area and will help contain toys during play.

Anti-slip design 

The Anti-slip mat provides minimal to no movement while in use. 

Easy to use

The Seat Extender connects to the aircraft seatbelt, keeping your child safe throughout the flight. The other end conveniently attaches to the tray table in front creating a hammock style leg and foot rest.

Light Weight and Portable

Light weight travel accessory, bulk free, roll up and place in carry on luggage. Won’t interfere with baggage restrictions.



Can fit in any aircraft seat and can also be used for adults foot rest.

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